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Do you know who you are competing against?  Have you taken the time to research your competitors? What separates you from them or them to you?

If you have not done this, then your marketing efforts will undoubtedly fail.  When a boxer is preparing for a fight, he studies his opponent.  He looks to see what the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are and it helps him or her to develop their strategy to get the competitive edge.  Through training, research, development and creativity you can have the advantage over your competition.  You can level the playing field and have a shot at being a real contender.

What Martina Young has done with her clients is help them to not only define who they are but to help them find their competitive edge.  SMART Marketing is understanding your industry, the players, and where you fit in equation.  Make your marketing strategic, learn from your competitors successes and failures.  GET TRAINED on how to develop your competitive analysis with Martina Young today!